Hi, I'm Kathy

I really appreciate you stopping by to check out my art work!

In looking at all that I've created, there are several themes that have intrigued me over time. I thought organizing the work by these themes would be a good way for you to enjoy them too. Please scroll down to the "Themes" section below and CLICK on each representative image to see the entire  'collection'. 

I also have put together some sneak peeks into how some of these pieces evolved.  You'll find them below.  

WHY do I create?  What motivates me to invest hours hunched over a canvas?  Find out on the 'About' page. 

HOW do I create?  What materials / techniques do I use? Go to the 'Evolution' page to find out.

Want a little help for your own creative process?  I offer one-on-one coaching / mentoring sessions.  I'm also preparing to offer some of my most popular classes again - in person or online.  Interested?  Learn more on the 'Coaching & Classes' page.

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Sneak Peeks Behind the Process

I've put together a few images that show how some of my pieces have been created.  Please enjoy!

Making Expanded Heart

Making Great Horned Owl

Making Passing On the Wisdom

Making and Installing a Mural

Installing another Mural



Birds, especially hawks, eagles and owls, inspire me.  


Trees are great friends and great listeners. If I can be still, they sometimes share their gentle wisdom.


Whales are mysterious and meet me in the deepest, quietest waters of my mind.


Over the years dragons have put themselves into my creative path.  


Other places, different times


A new theme, new materials and a new way of looking at a familiar place.


Exploring the nature of our animal friends...


For all the circles and curves I've used, sometimes the straight line is the right thing


An interesting and mysterious language of symbols.  


Tabletop 'Universes' & more

For Healing

Abstract work that encourages wellness.


Working at a very large scale on walls and unframed canvas.