About me

Creating is such an interesting process, isn't it?  So many reasons and ways to do it.  None of it is right or wrong. Bringing what's inside out is a yearning that many people feel and respond to in their own unique ways.  

For me, the beauty of  the creative process is in slowing life down
for a while, turning the focus inward and listening to that quiet inner voice who has so much to say. And has so many really good ideas.
When I am still enough to listen, and open enough to hear. I love playing with it's suggestions and midwifing them out into the world.  

With very little formal training in the arts, intuition and accumulated experience have guided my way. It's always an adventure when I set out to make something new. I learn a lot, mostly about myself, and the process of creating always expands me and my perspective on things. In good ways.

I am fascinated with art’s ability to heal, to calm,
to awaken latent talents and spark new insights.

I've come to believe that allowing
the creativity within
to emerge unbridled
is an act of self-love and courage.

                                                            Peace,  Kathy

Artist Statement

Release all preconceptions of what is to come.
Empty the mind of its busy chatter.
Go deep within, to that place of stillness, and wait.
When inspiration comes, the body responds.
Strong, bold strokes of luminous color awaken the canvas, textures and patterns make it dance.

I stand as both observer and participant as the painting emerges, curious what will come next
and how it will look when finished.
Creative energies flow without censure through my hands.

I live as I paint.
Letting go what I think I know allowing my heart to guide me through illogical choices,
discovering again and again
outcomes that are more beautiful, surprising and perfect
than I ever could have imagined with my mind’s eye.
Each day and each painting is a fun adventure into the unknown,
where delightful surprises wait to be discovered.

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