Creating "Passing on the Wisdom"

Starting the Texture

More Texture

Starting the color

More color

Finished - for now

Wisdom from the Dragons

Some people may think I'm a bit crazy when I say the paintings talk to me, teach me, as I work on them.  Regardless, I find the ideas showing up in my thought stream novel and worthy of further consideration - where ever they come from.

Here are a few snippets from the creation of this painting.  Remember, dragons teach about being free.

> “You cannot be free at someone else’s expense.”

> Another round of clean up around the edges of the dragons. They are VERY particular. I hear, “We simply want the full measure of our existence on this canvas, and not one bit less.”   Where Dragon was defined by modeling paste, Dragon shall be, in white for now.
The implications, not so subtly, “This too you (everyone) should want for your own lives. To live the life you were given to its fullest measure. It honors the Creator to do so.” Perhaps this is lesson # 2. 

> Lesson #3 – You can only teach from your own experiences. It must come by way of stories that bubble up in the moment.

 > Lesson # 4: Respond to the student’s questions. Teach what they are ready to hear, what they ask for.

> The littlest dragon wanted to be painted. Emerald green. To which I obliged. But it was too strong and intense a color for this little guy. So I had to un-paint a lot of the color, scraping it off with a wet brush, dab on a towel, more water, scrape. So now he has some green and some white. As I paint, and un-paint, more information comes through.

Living full measure is tricky and requires conscious balance. Reaching for more than your measure / fair share tips you into greed and sparks jealousy. This was the Little Dragon’s challenge. Wanting to be like the new Teacher. Strong and bright. But it was too far a reach, too soon. The ambition had to be lovingly but firmly toned down.

How often have I been this little Dragon in my own life? Wanting more, and being firmly held down, held back, until I was actually ready to take another step. Wise teachers, guiding my growth and evolution. I thought I was ready, long before I actually was. Years before. So although I gnashed my teeth and seethed with ambitious impatience, I had to GET the lesson (whatever it was at the time), and begin to accept it, integrate it into my life before I was allowed to move on. Relationships, jobs, finances…

The flip side of ‘full measure’ is not reaching for it enough. Not feeling worthy of it for oh so many reasons. Living small, unobtrusively, hiding under a rock. Also the little dragon in the painting. Maybe secretly having dreams and ambition for more, but hiding it behind small and meek. That’s me too.

Yes, it’s a tricky balance but one worth working toward. To live one’s life to its full measure. To honor the Creator. To honor one’s self. Without reaching too far AND reaching far enough.