I find Dragons to have REALLY big energy, and they don't suffer fools well.  But if you are lucky enough to have one visit you, listen well!  They are very wise.  Their lessons are usually about FREEDOM.

Passing on the Wisdom
2020, Acrylic
18" x 24"

Maker of Worlds
2005, Acrylic
36" x 48"

Dragon Dance
2008, Acrylic
(Detail from The Net)
18" x 18"

"You have spent a lifetime caged.
By accepting who you are...all of who you are... you can be free.
And in freedom is power.
To live a life untamed is a gift we all have been given...
and so may YOUR journey begin!"
(Quote from the movie 'Catwoman')

Dragon Journey
2007, Acrylic
24" x 36"


Dragon Council
2005, Mixed
15" x 11" x 20"

Antharus, the Blue Dragon
2005, Mixed
12" x 14" x 15"